Tien then states that he does not want to embarrass Tao, since he taught him how to fight. He offers his assistance at several points, but is denied by Goku who wants to fight the demon alone, though he does open the Sealed Flask, which Piccolo Jr. used to trap Kami, after Goku tosses it to him. When Perfect Cell declares his Cell Games, Tien decides to remain on the sidelines out of the fight; he even is given the chance to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but he bitterly declines the invitation, stating he has no chance against Cell. Tien claims he has not betrayed Shen, but realized Shen's teachings were wrong. Tiencha is the fusion of Tien Shinhan and his ally Yamcha. Tien Shinhan of Dragon Ball is a mysterious warrior compared to Goku or Vegeta. Due to being raised by Master Shen, Tien lost the ability to use the myriad powers of his third eye for good purposes. Shen shoots Dodon ray at Tien, Tien blows him away with his Tri-beam. Knowing the Ginyu Force at one time defeated Vegeta, gave them all a sense of pride. He takes Tao's unconscious body out of bounds and presents it to the watching Master Shen, telling him to take his brother and leave, and to never bother him again. Just a while later, all the Z-fighters decide to regroup, and they continue pretty effortlessly beating up Frieza Soldiers until there are none left. He then fires a Tri-Beam at Buu, but is unable to damage the monster at all. Chiaotzu tries, but is quickly killed mid-sentence from a blast by King Piccolo, an act Tien can only watch in horror. When Imperfect Cell gets up, after being shot by Android 16, Tien tries to warn Android 17, but Android 17 ends up absorbed. He is somewhat surprised to see the now teenaged Goku and hopeful that he is even more powerful than before. One known person is Vegeta, whom Tien blames for almost destroying the Earth, and continued to view him as an enemy when he began allying with the Z-Fighters, (despite later knowing that the Saiyan prince himself was a slave of Frieza). Both annoyed and entertained by the sudden interruption, Buu shoots a small ki blast at him, which he is able to dodge quite easily. Tien dominates Goku in the beginning of their fight. Tien Shinhan is the only Earthling character in the series to fight against Beerus the Destroyer. Tien accomplishes this through hanging InoShikaCho over a fire and telling Goku to leave the beast to burn if he was not allied with it. After the end of the saga, the stoic Tien Shinhan mainly does farming in addition to his training. However, showing such drive and focus, his remaining three copies went to hold Hermila, drawing the Universe 2 fighter out of the ring for a double elimination. By Riley Hutchins - September 5, 2017 04:22 pm EDT. He then quickly dispatches each of them, causing them to revert to the single being. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! Saying his farewells, and confidently telling Trunks he will have no trouble whatsoever with defeating the future Androids, he then flies into the distance. Tien himself does not get the opportunity to do any fighting until Android 16, Android 17, and Android 18 appear. Goku invites him to participate in the Tournament of Power, Tien refuses at first to join because he didn't want to leave behind his students and still refuses when Goku lies about a prize money. His by far most prominent feature is his third eye, which he has inherited from his alien ancestors (although some sources claim the third eye was achieved via intense meditation). Relatives When the Earth was destroyed by Kid Buu, Tien and Chiaotzu are also killed in the process. After that, Tien Shinhan was taken out by Captain Ginyu, who possessed Tagoma's body. Against King Piccolo in his old state, Roshi said Tien was no match for him. "Poor Yamcha, only thing more pathetic than a loser is a loser who thinks he's born to win." Or rather, this is about the bad things in my life that made me no better than King Piccolo. The Tiens warn Goku to give up before he gets hurt, but he appears unfazed by their attacks, and states they will not be able to pull off that trick again, which they then promptly attempt. After the Tournament began, Tien stays at the center alongside Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and Master Roshi, the group are confronted by Lavender, Botamo, Shosa, Comfrey and Dercori; Tien uses the Solar Flare to blind them while Gohan and the others launched an assault (which did no damage at all). Tien appears once again with the others to defend Goku against Turles while he is trying to form a Spirit Bomb but is quickly taken down. Aka is then defeated by Goku with a Kamehameha. In the semifinals, he fights equally against Goku while using his weighted clothing (with Tien noting that Goku is stronger than he was against King Piccolo). Tien Shinhan watches the fight between Goku and Frieza and later Vegeta who steps in after Goku is taken out. Even more disturbing is that two more Saiyans, both more powerful than Raditz, are on their way to Earth and will be there in about one year. Goku states that the new technique Tien has a critical weakness, as Tien's power is divided amongst the duplicates. While there, in a filler scenario, King Kai calls upon the deceased Ginyu Force (excluding Captain Ginyu) to challenge Tien, Yamcha and Chiaotzu. Even working together with Krillin, the two Earthlings are unable to break the door to Gero's lab, while base Vegeta is able to easily destroy it. Characteristics In the preliminary rounds, Tien Shinhan leaves Nam unconscious and nearly dead after their match in order to send a clear message to Goku and his friends about what exactly they are up against. In Dragon Ball Z Budokai, in the legend of Mister Satan, before fighting Tien, Mister Satan notices that Tien has 3 eyes, and wonders what Tien's glasses would look like. After finding several of them though, their radar which informs them of the Dragon Balls locations shows them that the remaining ones are actually coming to them, meaning King Piccolo is also seeking the Dragon Balls and is coming for theirs. Tao explains that after his seeming death by Goku, he was rebuilt into the half-man half-machine before them, and that he seeks revenge on both Goku and the Crane School "traitor" Tien. Tien fired a full power Tri-Beam, which Roshi claimed was overdoing it, but even this was completely ineffective against Frost despite the warrior from Universe 6 took the attack head on. Nonetheless, he is no match for Shisami and Tagoma (the latter having powered up greatly thanks to training with Frieza). He is later on seen over at a party held at Bulma's house. The now infuriated Master Shen orders Chiaotzu to kill both Tien and Goku, and when Chiaotzu refuses, Shen then threatens to kill him instead. They get their wish as Tien and Mercenary Tao are the first of the eight finalists to fight. Human-type Earthling/Triclops Hybrid[1][2] Tien and his friends are overpowered greatly by the Saiyans, before they are transferred back to Kami's Lookout. Tien forges a friendly rivalry with Yamcha. Tien also didn't have any trouble dodging Gero's eye beams when the latter destroys the city … As part of the GT Pack 1 DLC, Tien appears in Toki Toki City in Age 850 to train members of the Time Patrol along with Yamcha who also appears as DLC Master. A fight with Frieza Soldiers is said to be dangerous for him. Tien Shinhan leads his group of soldiers into a cave and takes them on without breaking a sweat, killing at least 50 of them with a single Tri-Beam. Tien then decides to put an end to the match and use his ultimate attack, the Tri-Beam. Tien Shinhan dies a hero's death, but is revived later by Porunga. In the end, Beerus still beats Goku and spares the lives on Earth. Tien Shinhan is seen in the final episode, "Until We Meet Again", when Goku passes by him with Shenron as he and Chiaotzu are training under a waterfall. Not long after he reaches Gohan and Piccolo's hiding spot, Tien notices Hermila and decides to take him down all by himself. Tien has stolen doll Ran Ran from Chiaotzu's room and takes advantage of collecting the Dragon Balls for finding Ran Ran to take over Mifan. After a long silence, Tao lunges at Tien, but Tien quickly sidesteps and counters, knocking Tao to the ground. — "The Ultimate Sacrifice", Tien Shinhan Tien: 800,000 (it’s been stated in various Daizenshuu’s that this is his power, to me that seems accurate, Tien does some intense training for a human) Krillin: 600,000 (like Tien, it’s … Chiaotzu's power level was 610. Tien Shinhan revived with the Namekian Dragon Balls. After King Piccolo severely damages Goku, Tien is discarded by King Piccolo, but Goku is more resilient than King Piccolo thought and uses one final attack to kill the Demon King. Drum is about to finish Tien off when Goku intervenes and saves him, killing Drum with a single kick. Because of his warning, Goku dodged by leaping incredibly high in the air. Tien Shinhan's favorite vehicle is a llama and ostrich. Vegeta, deciding to toy with his opponents, has Nappa grow several Saibamen in the soil so that he can hold a small challenge. However Krillin notes their is another more evil presence with Goku. There's a rap song named after him and Yamcha by rapper Sada Baby. Goku, having grown stronger than his teacher, was instructed to venture off by himself into the world, seeking new experiences and d… Goku and Vegeta heads off to take care of Prum who they thought was the source but it turns out they fell into the enemy trap as Harmira of Universe 2 was the real shooter while as Prum acts as a mirror and scope, allowing them to attack anyone. He later witnessed Goku's and co. battle against Universe 6, Universe 2, Universe 4, Universe 3, and lastly Universe 11 (as well as Goku completing Ultra Instinct). This is about atonement. Tenshinhan's power level was 1830. Tien also admits that Hero (who is actually Kami possessing him) and Piccolo (the reincarnation of King Piccolo) surpass any level ordinarily conceivable, indicating he was no match for any of them. He is utterly decimated by a Cell Jr. when the small Bio-Androids attack, and only survives because the Cell Juniors were suppressing their power as they were ordered not to kill the Z-Fighters. Son Goku and His Friends Return!! In the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, he easily dominates Mercenary Tao in his cyborg form, who is stated to be many times stronger than his organic self. Tien Shinhan is one of the strongest humans on Earth in the series. Regardless Tien and Krillin are the strongest humans and there's good arguments for both sides but besides this id say by the end krillin and tien are probably close to freiza power level I think that's a pretty fair estimation. He then says the situation is just like he feared, and that the power differences are too big for him to be of any help. After the Galactic Frieza Army was finished, Tien Shinhan takes a Senzu Bean from Krillin. The scar on Tien's chest is from his fight with Mercenary Tao in the 23rd World Tournament. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Tien, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Krillin all repeatedly fire energy blasts at Cell from behind in order to aid Gohan. Gero believes that if he takes the energy of Tien, Krillin, Gohan and Piccolo - he will be able to defeat Super Saiyan Vegeta. You've changed a lot, inside and out, good for you. With that, he easily dominates Cell until Cell finally transforms into Perfect Cell. His power level is 180 [21] during the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament and 250 [22] in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. Both fighters then fall to the ground, Goku slightly ahead. However this corrects that part of the timeline and thanks to the Toki Toki City Hero forcing Turles to retreat, Goku and the Future Warrior make it in time to save Krillin and Gohan. They trained together under Master Roshi, but over time, the two became lifelong friends. [22] In anime filler of the Frieza Saga, while training on King Kai's planet; Tien (working with both Chiaotzu and Yamcha) was able to give Piccolo a hard time during the sparring match. But I see Majin Buu did some changing too!" Death Date(s) Tien uses his signature Tri-Beam on Trunks that causes part of the Tournament platform to fall into the sea. Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga However, he forgives Vegeta after he proves crucial in the defeat of Kid Buu and is later seen being civil with him. Tien's always been stronger than Yamcha and I don't see anything that implies otherwise so if Yamcha is around Base Goku's power (at least), then Tien should be above that. Before King Piccolo can confront them, Master Roshi unexpectedly knocks Tien out and hides him in a cave. Whilst in mid-air, Tien quickly takes a look at the destruction caused by the ki blast, before landing on a cliff edge. After Tagoma's body has been taken by Captain Ginyu, Tien gets beaten easily with a quick punch. [10] The third eye is indeed real, as he has proved at several occasions that he can both move it around and close it, and even shoot ki laser beams out of it. In the original Dragon Ball. When the Saiyans finally do arrive, the Z-Fighters decide to hold them off until Goku can arrive. In the anime, sometime prior to this saga, Tien Shinhan has opened up his own martial arts school called the Tien-Shin Style Dojo. Birth Date Let's add the fact that the difference in the 23 World tournament was smaller ex:tenshinhan was equal or superior to goku with weights. Main article: List of Power Levels . His Tri Beam would have even killed Nappa had he been caught off guard. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tien is eventually wished back to life along with Chiaotzu by a wish made to Porunga, as they willingly agreed on getting revived 4 months after Yamcha, in order to not get separated. Upon absorbing Android #17, he is not yet perfect, so he basically adds #17's power to his own. The brothers, merged as Aka, unleash a technique that destroyed the hotel. Son Goku and His Friends Return!! Tien is no match for the giant Saiyan warrior, and has his left arm ripped off in a single hit. Tien, along with Chiaotzu and Yamcha, remains on King Kai's planet and learns of everyone's (Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, Dende and Piccolo fused with Nail) mighty struggle with the evil tyrant Frieza on Namek. He attacks Android 17, but is quickly over-powered by him, and ends up being choked until he is dropped. Tien Shinhan was originally a cold-hearted and ruthless warrior, never caring for anyone's life with the exception of his fellow students and mentors. With his newfound belief, Tien opens the New Crane School to educate the planet's new generation of warriors. Yamcha puts up a better fight than Tien expected, but was still not a significant threat to Tien, who not only defeated him, but went further and ended the match by needlessly breaking Yamcha's leg while he was unconscious. Tien later reappears alongside Chiaotzu whilst they are training in the mountains. Goku comes over to pays Tien a visit after he gets the news from Oolong that Master Roshi is over at the new martial arts Dojo that Tien has opened in the mountain village he lives in nowadays. Tao refuses this and presses on his assault, though he is clearly outclassed by Tien, who dominates the whole battle. Goku (20x Kaioken): 60,000,000. Address On hearing this, Goku, still not fully recovered from his battle with Tien, rushes off in a rage to seek his revenge. Tien's next fight is the one he has been waiting for, a rematch against Goku. Main article: King Piccolo Saga [11] During the early years of his life, Tien entered Master Shen's Crane School. Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Yamcha and Krillin arrive at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Tien beats Master Roshi with a single hit. Enraged after witnessing Android 20 destroys half of the city where they appeared, Goku, Piccolo, and Tien fly off to a different location with the Androids following them. Chiaohan is the EX-Fusion of Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. Launch's wig and 4 costume pieces are part of the GT Pack 1 DLC. Because of the influence of Kami, after he perished, Tien was allowed to train on King Kai's Planet in the Other World as Goku did earlier. When using his Multi-Form to divide in four, each having one-quarter the normal power, while three of his copies were easily defeated by Harmira, his final self, was able to severely damage Hermila with his Neo Tri-Beam. Nevertheless, even in the manga version of the fight, Tien was able to land a single punch on the Cell Jr. that he was fighting; thus making him, Piccolo, Trunks and Vegeta, the only warriors able to even hit the little monsters. Tien and Chiaotzu give energy for the Super Spirit Bomb. 天テン津シン飯ハン Personal Status The Tiens disperse to the four corners of the ring, each one then firing a Ki Blast Cannon at the center, where Goku is, resulting in a large explosion which Goku has to leap to avoid. Goku dodges the beams this time though, and uses the Solar Flare against them, blinding the Tiens. Tien is convinced he will win at this point, as he can fly and Goku cannot, but Goku uses one final Kamehameha to propel himself into Tien like a rocket. In DBZ it was stated that Krillin was the strongest human fighter. Krillin was initially introduced as a rival for the young Goku. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Tien volunteers to help in anyway he can. He has also become quite rusty due to this as he has “apparently" stopped training. Anime Debut When they introduced him, he was the polar opposite of Goku as a character. Goku later stated that Roshi must have been doing secret training and had hidden his true power. Tien is a bodyguard of Mifan's Emperor, Chiaotzu. Jackie Chun challenges Tien not only in physical combat, but also begins to warn him about following an evil path. Knowing that they have to buy time, the Z-Fighters agree to this, and Tien volunteers to go first. Elder Kai informs the Warrior whoever the other presence is it is slowing Goku down and won't make it in time if they don't act telling then to leave the others and focus on helping Goku as they won't be able to hold out much longer. Tien decides to go after Cell and help Piccolo in any way he can, saying that it is under his dignity to just be a bystander. Occupation When the conflict with the Androids comes into full swing, Tien puts his life on the line numerous times when assisting his friends against the mechanical demons, most notably when using his life-force to hold Cell at bay, nearly sacrificing his own life to allow Android 16 and Android 18 to escape, thus saving the Earth from certain destruction. Manga Tien plays little role in following battles, he can only watch as Goku fights the seemingly all-powerful Piccolo Jr. Just simple, pure headcanon. However, the "tien" part in the English dub is mainly modelled after the Mandarin/pinyin pronunciation of the kanji/Chinese character for "sky/heaven" ("Tee-ean" as opposed to "Tee-ah-n"). In DBS, he is living a peaceful and carefree life. King Piccolo continues to make his wish and then destroys the Dragon, knowing it is the only thing that can stop him. After Yurin's plans were foiled, Tien decides to take her on as a student, seeing her genuine desire to become strong, which she accepts. 1,400 Kept training with Tien but did not gain much power. He is soon interrupted from this to lend his aid in hunting for the new menace, Cell. But that was quite a long time back. Gohan gets worried about his decision, advising him it might just be another decoy, but Tien bitter-sweetly tells him that they do not have much of another choise. Then he raised to 8000. However, he finds a lifelong best friend in Chiaotzu, for whom he cares deeply, and vice-versa. He appears in Dragon Ball Fusions. His real shock, however, is seeing Piccolo Jr., and realizing that something of the Demon King has survived. In Mystical Adventure, Tien defeats Master Roshi in a single hit. He later watched Goku become a Super Saiyan God to fight Beerus then afterwards he later enjoyed the rest of Bulma's party. After being cut in half by Goku, Buu's legs land right next to Tien, who is soon dispatched after a single sucker kick from Super Buu. Manga and Anime. He was later saved by Whis when Frieza blew up the planet taking Vegeta and many others with him. Tien also helps to evacuate their friends, creating a pit in the earth for them to take shelter from the Hyper Explosive Demon Wave, one of Piccolo Jr.'s more devastating attacks. Goku is a powerful opponent and the fight seems to be relatively even until Goku suddenly becomes unable to throw a punch or dodge an attack without becoming frozen in place. During Dragon Ball Z, he is seen striving to become a powerful warrior and still hopes to surpass Goku one day. They command Mifan's army to arrest Master Roshi and Krillin. When Frieza does land, he is quickly dispatched by an unknown mysterious youth (Future Trunks). He manages to quickly defeat the vicious creature (in two hits to be precise), which causes Vegeta to destroy it for its severe incompetence. He is able to stop a blast by Bootenks that is intended to destroy the world. After this encounter, they continue their feast. In an extra set of panels for the manga version, after Future Trunks uses Solar Flare on the Zamasus to their annoyance, it flashes to the present where Tien notes to Chiatozu that he thinks a god may have insulted his technique. He is found by Launch, who fell in love with him at first sight and had been constantly pursuing his whereabouts, once again and even reluctantly lives together with her. It's a surprisingly powerful technique, capable of fighting enemies of a far greater power level than Tien. Wondering what counts as an insult to the Metalman, Tien is stopped from further attempts by Chiaotzu, who delivers scathing insults of his own to Bikkura to destroy his will to fight. After the battle between Majin Buu and Beerus, Tien Shinhan along with Android 18 and Piccolo attempt to stop Beerus, all throwing a barrage of punches and kicks at him. He is very stern and serious, not cracking jokes and goofing around as often as most of the other Z-Fighters. Not long after that he faces off with Recoome on King Kai’s planet, who beat Vegeta and whose power level is around 40,000, and Yamcha wins! In the anime version of the Universe Survival Saga, while fighting against his own students, whom were under Yurin's mind control, he subdued some of them with relative ease, and was able to outmatch base Roshi, however, Tien decides to be more serious when Roshi goes into his Max Power state. All I said was that we can't say Tien is "Semi-Perfect Cell tier" because of that reason. Vegeta's plain SSJ form may have been strong enough to defeat Semi-perfect Cell, but to Trunks' surprise, Vegeta unveils the new USSJ form (or SSJ 2nd grade). Gender Share 0 Comments. Goku's PL after King Kai's was 8k, and before he went there it was 416 at max, that's a … Tien Shinhan was mentioned by Krillin to be a recruitable fighter, but noted that without a cellphone, Tien is hard to get in contact with. Their attacks were being dodged until Beerus unleashed a kiai wiping out the three. Shin wonders why Tien would hid such a useful move, and Krillin explains that the weakness is that his power and speed is divided across all the copies, while as Beerus looks on with concern. Though disqualified for use of a weapon, Tao does not care, as he only participated in the tournament to kill Tien and Goku. Tien notices the warrior's selected race (though he doesn't recognize Majin or Frieza Race characters as they had yet to be encountered by the Z Fighters at that point in time) and wonders why they are there though Yamcha tells him it doesn't matter as they can use all the help they can get. On King Kai's planet, King Kai contacts Goku and tells him that his friends all crossed Snake Way in a far shorter time than he did, and that they all requested for tougher training than what Goku had received. Later when working with Goku against Gohan and Piccolo, Tien was easily overpowered by the half-Saiyan. Knowing that he will not be able to use the Evil Containment Wave, Tien decides to confront King Piccolo regardless. Krillin and Yamcha spent their time with a wise master of martial arts, the Turtle Hermit Master Roshi. During the anime version of the Tournament of Power, rather than going off on his own, Tien chose to remain with Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin and Master Roshi - they launched an assault that caused little to no damage against Lavender, Botamo, Comfrey, Shosa and Dercori. Tien as he appears in the Trunks Saga, just prior to Frieza and King Cold's arrival. Race Tien proceeds to track down Master Roshi shortly afterwards to find out why he forfeited, to which Master Roshi responds by telling Tien that it is time for younger fighters, Tien included, to take his place. Main articles: Imperfect Cell Saga, Perfect Cell Saga, and Cell Games Saga, "I might just be a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one heck of a deep pothole!" Tien later stumbles across the unconscious body of Dr. Rota while investigating the gunshot noises, and while he is doing so he is berated by Vegeta for just gawking. The experience frightens Tien and the others, so they continue to train as hard as they possibly can. After the match, Tien receives 500,000 Zeni and offers Goku half of the prize money as he recognizes that, it was mere luck that he was the one who landed second referring to the fact Goku would have won otherwise. In that time, Tien went from a power level of 250 to over 1,800. In the anime, the jar is safely brought to the battle inside of a capsule. Introduced as the star pupils of the Crane School, Master Shen is entering Tien and Chiaotzu to defeat the students of his lifelong rival, the Turtle Hermit Master Roshi. The reluctant Tien complies, calling Bikkura a "rock-head" and a "half-ton tubby" to no avail. Of course, this isn't Tien's true power level (or his "base"), as Tien needed to catch Cell off-guard and his life force also dwindles with each shot. He is later on seen at a party together with the other Z-fighters who participated in the fight against Frieza, eating and talking with Roshi and Vegeta. Dragon Ball: Yo! When Hearts' God Meteor is shattered, Tien stops shards of it from falling on the Tien-Shin Style Dojo by blasting them with his Tri-Beam. Alongside his friends, they defeat the remainder of Frieza's forces before powering up to full strength to give Goku a signal to lock on to so he can teleport to Earth. In the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Tien's power level is 250[20]. He occasionally tries to repent for his former brutality, but eventually rises above his horrid memories and looks toward to the future. Tien then receives a horrible sense of something awful happening to Chiaotzu, and races to the scene and finds Chiaotzu heavily wounded and unconscious, which makes him furious. Tien Shinhan is one of the strongest humans on Earth in the series. Tien later apologizes to Chiaotzu for being terrible at insulting people. Though the others are not aware of the number fiddling, and simply think that it is a coincidence. by Gohan, who turned Super Saiyan 2. His power was on par with Goku's in the finals, and after a long fight, Tien manages to win the tournament. In the Majin Buu Saga, Tien's Tri-Beam is able to stop a finger beam from Super Buu (with Gotenks and Piccolo absorbed) that was aimed at Dende and Mr. Satan - however upon seeing Buu's charged energy ball - Tien noted it was beyond him. At the night before the tournament, Chiaotzu feels fear and tells Tien his nightmare. Tien is frustrated that Beerus is going to blow up the Earth but Goku arrives and asks for time to find out more about the Super Saiyan God. — "Goku's Special Technique". His by far most prominent feature is his third eye, which he has inherited from his alien ancestors (although some sources claim the third eye was achieved via intense meditation). Krillin could easily be 0.05% of Semi Perfect Cell's power too! ‎Using Chiaotzu's mental powers to fix the ordering of the matches in the quarter-finals, Tien decides to first face off against Turtle student Yamcha, whom he had been exchanging hostile words with since the start of the tournament. "Whatever it costs me, I will fight." He battles alongside the other Z Fighters against major threats to the Earth, often courageously engaging enemies far more powerful than himself.