), Geoff Feder (far right) is a blacksmith and knife maker. Browse the full range of knives on Yuppiechef.com and pin this handy infographic to help you on your way. You can cut out some of the thinking by choosing a knife set but, in case you already have the basics of a knife collection, here’s how our knife wish list would go. When buying the best kitchen knives set , be certain to choose ones constructed from high-carbon stainless steel, hard metal that, once sharpened, tends to … All cars get you from A to B, yet there are still so many different models and price ranges that it becomes very difficult to pick … They'll be a better fit if you like to use a rocking motion to chop or mince. The large serrations bite through the crispiest crusts and leaves the soft crumb inside intact. There is no such thing as the best chef’s knife—finding the knife that works best for you involves considering many variables, like the size of your hands, the style of … Best Chef Knives for Home Chefs Knives are understandably the most valuable tools a cook has; consider them as extensions of your hands. Three experts weigh in on what to look for in selecting this vital kitchen tool. This shape makes it much easier to work around bones – whilst causing minimal damage to the surrounding meat. It may sound obvious but, within reason, it is. Best for: Colour selection. Griffin Bladeworks gives a thorough overview of all the differences between chef's knives from around the world, like the pros … Ask the Expert Also, make sure you use either a food-safe plastic or wood cutting board. This is particularly true if you use a pinch-grip, which can dramatically influence which part of the handle actually ends up in your palm. A paring knife is similar to a chef’s knife, but it is smaller. Chef's knife. Flat ground on one edge for superior edge holding capability and an even, flat cut, it’ll turn sushi-making into a dream. Say Hello, to the world’s best professional … Use this infographic for easy choices. Squashing a fluffy loaf with a non-serrated knife is not okay. When metal is used more in making a knife, it will cost more for you. From cocktail bars to dives to intimate wine havens, these are the best places to grab a drink in the City of Angels. Tristin Farmer, executive chef of Restaurant Zén, the Singapore outpost of three-Michelin-starred Frantzén in Sweden, highlights the Swedish influences in his cuisine. Is it important to use the correct knife for the correct purpose? Ah, the Japanese chef’s knife. Choosing a chef knife sometimes feels like buying a car. The hollow edge of a Santoku knife creates pockets of air which prevent extra thin or soft slices of food from sticking to the blade, and the straighter “sheep’s foot” blade style facilitates an up-and-down chopping motion vs. the typical Western rocking chopping motion. There are a lot of foods that get nervous around these bad boys. Japanese knives have a much more acute angle on the cutting edge, which makes them more suitable for tasks like slicing or chopping up and down as opposed to rocking, but they can also be harder to sharpen and care for. Nice to have, but not essential unless you are planning on doing a lot of your own meat prep. that does an ace job of blitzing parsley into dust, dicing onions, or … Use it to crack through the back of a lobster, or when your butchery tasks have you cracking marrow bones open. A fillet knife should have a flexible blade for delicate fish and meat preparation. "This is where you actually have the relationship." Paring knife. "It can be very overwhelming getting your hands on every single eight-inch chef's knife in the [store]," says Maumasi. Paring knife. A proper chef’s knife is where most epic knife collections begin. "The Business End"According to Maumasi, the handle of a knife is one of the most important components to consider. “A large chef’s knife is too much for even many trained cooks. Wusthof Classic 7-piece – Best Professional Knife Set. A carving knife won’t work to cleave and, if it does, you’re probably using too much force and damaging the blade. Handle With CareLastly, Mussig, Maumasi and Feder are quick to point out that stainless steel doesn't mean stain-proof. Most chef knives have the same shape and tip, but the size varies from about 6 to 14 inches.