You can find contact details for Capella University above.. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully … How was I to drop it in time when I didn’t know I had it? How can I join the class action lawsuit? When I contemplated pursuing my Masters Degree in mental Health Cohnseling I did the math and concluded my degree would cost approximately 30k. I feel that the program was a waste of time and my student loans nearly doubled and I leave the school with nothing but a tremendous amount of debt and no dignity because everyone who I reached out to for help was supposed to be following up with me and never did. I was told that I could earn my degree within 4 to 5 years as long as I work hard. So Sad, for those of us that didn’t know any better at the time. Many student complaints indicate that this scam school has instructors who don’t do grading, provide no feedback, and do not respond to questions regarding their comments on papers. I’m now having to figure out how to complete my studies.